Quality Policy

REFINE has a well-defined quality policy and has been authorized by the Chief Production Manager cum Managing Director. We are in the business of health care, is our prime objective, hence every product we produce shall be safe, effective and of consent quality. We believe that quality has to be in-built in the product and it is achieved through the following:


To achieve the quality, we have a well-documented Quality Management System in force, which ensures compliance with the current guidelines of the good manufacturing and laboratory practices.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Quality Control is concerned with sampling, specifications and testing as well as with the organization, documentation and release procedures that ensure that the necessary and relevant tests are carried out, and that materials are not released for use, nor products released for sale or supply, until quality has been judged satisfactory.

Personnel Health, Hygiene and Safety

Adequate measures are taken to ensure that the persons working in the company maintain good health and they are free from contagious diseases.

For maintaining good Hygiene, the following measures are also taken:

    1. Change rooms are provided separately for Gents and Ladies.
    2. Wash areas are provided just before the change rooms to enable the personnel to wash their hands before entering the production area.
    3. Uniforms are provided to all personnel, which include footwear, headgear, masks.
    4. Clothing either cotton or polyester depending on the operation.
    5. Clear instructions are provided for usage of uniforms.
    6. Eating, Drinking, Smoking is strictly prohibited inside manufacturing areas

Water System

Water supply is organized and treated by DM water plant to get de-mineralized water, which is used, in the entire manufacturing activities. The water is stored in the sump, which is pumped to the overhead tank. The water then enters the water purification system. Water is first filtered through sand filter, activated carbon bed and then passed through the cation, anion exchangers and mixed bed. The water is then transferred through SS pipes through SS pump into the manufacturing areas.

Research & Development

Through R&D, RHL is arranging its research and development efforts in areas with the ultimate scientific and commercial possibilities. We want to discover knowledge to uncover and enable development of new products, processes and services. We have proven that we have the portfolio, talent and capabilities along with the methodological accuracy to unlock new levels of productivity. This is what makes our R&D department one of its kinds in Bangladesh.